Life Hacks

Act Randomly

  • Coin flip hack — If I can’t make a quick decision about something that can be simplified into two outcomes, I designate them as head and tails, flip a coin, call it in the air, and then (here’s the important part!) completely disregard the result — I nearly always feel a quick flash of «c’mon, come up tails» as it lands, so I just go with that. The distraction of flipping a coin pierces the indecision. —sckot Vokes 11:25, 22 Mar 2005 (EST)
    • Another Coin Flip Hack — Toss the coin. If you have the least inclination to toss it again you know you really wanted the other choice. —cath perry 2:33pm, 25 Mar 2005 (AEST)
    • As an alternative, remember what Thomas Hobbes told us. If there is a significant difference between the choices, selecting one is easy. If there is not, then the choice doesn’t much matter. Just pick the one that comes first alphabetically.

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