Season change

Every time there are a big and pereodical changes, memories of last such a change remind me of themselves. And now it is a season change, because now it is clear that autumn has come to stay fo far. This morning, when I’ve been walking around and taking photos, I’ve felt that tomorrow I am to go to the lecture, and then it’ll be a seminar. Back in university, one of maybe the best flashback that could have happen.

In general, I’m in very calm and quite content mood right now, . Understanding that I’ve overfilled myself a bit with the social interaction and is about to crawl back into the lair. Now my lair is on the bench in King’s palace park. There are a couple a ducks, a lot of trees and a fountain with me, almost no people. Couldn’t have been better.
And yes, this calm mood typically comes as one of hangover’s consequences. Wine yesterday was just awesome.

But now, it’s about 2 o’clock and it’s time for a coffee. So, see you soon and write me.


PS: Wrote this post in English since there are no Cyrillic letters on the phone.

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