To Eng-speaking readers

Hey guys, is there anyone who reads me, and doesn’t speaks Russian (G.Translate works, I know)? In case there is anyone, that’s simple for me to make an effort and start once again translating entries to English, or even to Norwegian?

Norwegian sounds more fun to me, but English will go as well :) If so, drop a comment here, or an email to me (I guess you do know it already, don’t you?) and we’d sort it out.


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  1. Sure, I’d love to know what’s hiding behind those cryptic cyrillic letters ;) haven’t tried to translate them, but an english and/or norwegian version would be good fun to read. Especially now that you are travelling so much, I want to be cheered up by thrilling stories from exotic places, while I’m in good old, grey & rainy Oslo…

    1. Yay, jeg er glede a høre det :)
      Jeg tror hva jeg vil prøve a installere WordPress 3.0, som vil har multidomain blog funktionalitet, og vil ha andre blog på Englesk eller Norsk :)
      Kansje . Vi vil se!

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